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Procrastination, Postponing and Perfectionism: How to get Unstuck

It never feels good to be stuck in your career. Yet, doing something about it can feel daunting, especially at this time of year when we're already starting to forget those New Year's resolutions. Depending on how you're stuck, you might need different tactics. 

Wednesday, February 1
12 noon ET

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The Lighthouse Moon Society

Gather with like-minded women. Learn and support one another on evenings of the full moon.

Membership is currently free but limited to current students and alumni of The Lighthouse Method course and verified purchasers of the eBooklet.

Our next virtual gathering: Thursday, April 6
8 pm ET / 5 pm PT

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How to Hit the Ground Running in 2023

Career change can feel so daunting, it's easy to push it off to the new year. But, there are quick, helpful things you can do now that won’t interrupt year-end celebrations and give you a boost in 2023.

Wednesday, December 14
12 noon ET

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Do Less. Feel Good.

Identify 4 common mistakes people make when it comes to productivity. Then learn to replace them with an essential time management system that helps you focus on what you want without added stress.

A self-study course with three short videos, downloadable workbooks, and ready-to-use templates.

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The Lighthouse MethodTM

Discover a Life You Love

Move forward with your dreams even if you care for others, are short on time, or don't know what you want to do.

In this online course, learn a step-by-step approach to reclaim time, boost self-confidence, and get unstuck.

Included are short video lessons, worksheets, and templates--all designed to incorporate into YOUR life with ease and joy.

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Free LIVE Online Workshop

Learn to avoid common traps of parenting and career that can hold you back.

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Why Smart Women Get Stuck...and What To Do About It

Women are weary from the last two years. Even those who are talented and have achieved in the past are struggling to overcome procrastination. 

Stacy explains why and how to move forward with ease in this free virtual workshop.

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Conventional Advice that can Hold You Back

A free online workshop.

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